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Wedge Table Workshop


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This elegant and modern end table is our most popular workshop ever. The wedge table is easy to squeeze into those small spaces, plus it’s the perfect home for a plant, magazines or wine bottles.

In a couple hours you’ll learn how to use the chop saw, nail gun and router table to build your table from fresh pine. Use some elbow grease to hand-sand your piece and then let your creativity run wild with the branding irons. Finish it off by picking a stain and drinking a beer with your new woodworking friends.

"One of the best workshops I've done. The team is super friendly. I had a lot of fun and got to learn how to use the quite impressive tools for cutting wood. Recommended!" - Glen  (read more reviews HERE)

"The class was great! Not only do the provide background on best practices for using the tools, they also teach you about the basics of wood. Loved my finished piece!" - Lauren (read more reviews HERE)

16 x 16 x 12in


Chop Saw
Router table
Nail gun
Hand tools
Choose your stain
Engrave your own designs into the wood

Duration: 3 hours
$89.00 (includes all materials)

173 Shipley Street, San Francisco, CA 94103

*Note this is a special series workshop - if using a workshop gift card (value $68) please be aware the difference must be paid - email brian@woodthumb.com and please include:  your full name and the date/workshop you want to attend. We will reserve your spot manually. Please bring the gift card with you to the workshop. Thanks!