Wood Thumb

Who We Are

Wood Thumb is the vision of two brothers, Christopher and David Steinrueck. They set out to build a creative community that embodies craftsmanship and sustainability. It’s really a company of ongoing experiments.


From selling products to teaching workshops, we’ve achieved what we believe is the perfect blend of entrepreneurial makers and designers. Add a kick of cowboy innovation and you’ll understand who we are.

Our Community

We started out in 2011 making small batches of wood products and selling them to stores around the country. The products were successful, but after a while, we felt as though there was something missing. We thought long and hard about the purpose of Wood Thumb and realized our goal was to get as many people passionate about woodworking as possible. Begin the workshop era.

Wood Thumb believes that anyone and everyone should experience the satisfaction of woodworking. We’ve turned our focus to creating a community centered around craftsmanship and creativity. We’d love to have you come to a workshop or stop by sometime to say hey.

Our Wood: Designed Different + Sustainable

We are passionate about wood – especially wood with character. We’ve partnered with Recology and other sources to obtain materials such as reclaimed redwood, old bourbon barrel staves, and birdseye maple that had been hiding in a storage locker for years. Basically, anything that has a story.

We breathe new life into old wood, yet each product still shows hints of its previous life. You can tell from the grooves to the colors - It’s like honoring the past and giving it a new life in the present.  


Thank you for learning about Wood Thumb!

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