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Designed Different 

Our design aesthetic mixes rustic with contemporary minimalism and the beauty of reclaimed wood. From blending materials like wood and metal to combining traditional techniques with modern tools - we find ways to bring a fresh take to everyday products. It’s for the urban woodsman inside you. It's for the contemporary craft beer lover, or high tech aficionado with the antique desk. It’s for the people who love those people. And it’s for people who just love unique and unexpected products.

 We Know Wood

We are passionate about wood – especially wood with character. We use reclaimed redwood, old bourbon barrel staves, birdseye maple that had been hiding in a storage locker for years...and anything else that has a story. We breathe new life into old wood, yet each product still shows hints of its previous life. You can tell from the grooves to the colors - It’s like honoring the past and giving it a new life in the present.



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