Wood Thumb

Wood Six Pack Private Workshop

There’s nothing cooler than walking to the park with a six pack caddy you made yourself. But the real reward comes when you get away from your computer, roll up your sleeves and let your creativity run wild.

We’ll start with reclaimed redwood and use a number of power tools to cut and finish the pieces of the caddy. Grind out any imperfections with some sandpaper and a cold beer. You’ll get covered in sawdust, tackle problems with your teammates and leave with a whole new appreciation for making stuff.

This workshop was the first Wood Thumb workshop ever, and for good reason. It’s just too cool for school.

"Such an awesome experience! It has been over ten years since I've set foot in a wood shop; it felt so good to be back!" - Matthew

"Super great experience at Wood Thumb! Six pack was really fun class and I would like to take other classes from them! Highly recommend!" - Kathrine
Chop Saw
Router table
Nail gun
Drill Press
Hand tools
Oil finish
Engrave your own designs into the wood

173 Shipley Street, San Francisco, CA 94103