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Workshop Questions

Our group's final headcount may be a few more or less people than we originally thought, is that okay?

Yes, just let us know at least a day in advance the final number of your group!

I need to check with the group which project they would like to make, when do you need to know by?

No problem, just let us know at least a week in advance which project your group would like to make!

Can we do two different project options- like a triangle shelf and a wood slab cutting board?

This is up to the discretion of the instructor, so you will want to check with them first before responding to the group.

Anything else we need to know?

We request you wear closed-toed shoes, casual clothing, and avoid dangly jewelry.

Any good bars nearby?

Yes! Coin-op and Hotel Utah Saloon on 4th Street, Bloodhound, Terroir, and City Beer Store on Folsom between 7-8th streets.

Can we bring other food and drinks to our workshop? What are some good places to order food from?

You can absolutely bring in your own drinks and food (no alcohol before power tools). Many people have ordered from Extreme Pizza or Goat Hill Pizza to be delivered here.

Wood Thumb Questions


Where do you get your wood from? All of our wood is reclaimed. We get our bourbon barrel wood from distilleries or barrel dealers in wine country and our redwood from bay area houses that have been torn down.

Do you have prices for bulk purchases? We can work with anyone on pricing and bulk orders. Please contact us and we will discuss all of the details.

Do you do custom work? Yes, we sometimes provide custom work. Please email chris@woodthumb.com to inquire.

When can I visit the shop store? Our store is usually open Monday - Friday from 9 am - 5 pm. We recently moved to a new workshop this year and we don’t have any outdoor signage. However, ring the doorbell with the metal shop sign on the door! We’ll answer.

Phone: (415) 512-7040 Email: brian@woodthumb.com

Address: 173 Shipley St. San Francisco, CA 94103