Wood Thumb

Creative Confidence Workshop

for a hands on virtual teambuilding workshop!

Here at the woodshop, we believe in creativity. It’s the foundation of any innovative team and a key to great mental health, resilience, and strong relationships. During this turbulent time, creativity is more important than ever. Pull your team out of the COVID-blues and work from home struggles with Wood Thumb's four step process to build creative confidence!

In this workshop, every participant will receive a hands on creativity kit to make something from scratch. With our facilitation, each person will build a real project along with their team members and gain valuable tools and strategies along the way.


Participants can expect to walk away feeling relaxed, inspired and with a clear process to help team members get into their flow and tap into their creativity. This workshop is designed to cultivate a sense of camaraderie and connection that is hard to find in remote work.


Here's how it works:

✅ Make a reservation

💌 We will send every team member a creativity kit 
🤗 Over Zoom, we will unbox our kits 
🎨 Learn and follow the 4 steps to tapping into creativity
🔨 Build a unique project
✨ Share our creations, reflections and a toast to our newfound creative prowess


What are the takeaways?
-Creativity Toolkit. Learn and practice practical steps to tap into creativity individually and as a team.
-A fun, creative, hands on, and interactive team building workshop experience to bring your team together during remote work.
-A creative keepsake that you made from scratch to inspire future creativity.
Who facilitates the workshop?
The workshop is led by Christopher Steinrueck, Wood Thumb's founder and head product designer
What's in the kit?
A curated selection of wood pieces, hardware, adhesives, and other secret materials designed to get your brain working and creative juices flowing.
What do we make?
Materials and hardware are included to make all sorts of things, from utilitarian to aesthetically pleasing. Our creativity toolkit and your imagination will lead the way. 
How long does the workshop take?
1 - 1.5 hours depending on team size.
How long does it take the kits to ship?
Please allow one week. 
How many people can participate?
What's the cost?
$75 per person
Cost includes shipping. 
Add $20 per international kit.
Discounts available for groups over 20 people


We can't wait to see you in the "Wood Shop"