Wood Thumb

Urban Logger Cocktail: Michelada

Urban Logger Cocktails are mixed drinks enjoyed in our wood shop, design studio, and HQ known to us as The Wood Thumb Factory. The one and only Urban Logger Cocktail requirement is that it contains beer. mmmmm BEER!




Today we are making Micheladas. They are traditionally breakfast/hangover drinks, but we enjoy them after a long day of work as a salty, and spicy refreshing quencher.





Mexican Lager

One Lime Squeezed

Worchester Sauce

Hot Sauce

Maggi Seasoning (mmmmm msg)

Salt Rim

Ice Cubes



Get a glass and salt the rim, add ice cubes, squeeze a lime, fill with beer, season with Worchester, Maggi, and Hot Sauce, or any other spicy salty things you can find, remove gloves and safety goggles, kick feet up and enjoy.