Wood Thumb

Who's Behind All That Sawdust

I know you'll find this hard to believe, but there's a lot of woodworking that goes on in our factory. And so we thought you might like to get to know some of our Wood Tang Clan and their favorite tools. 


Meet Nick. Nick is one of our woodworkers and his favorite product to make is the wood six pack. When not making six packs, Nick loves to spin vinyl. Also, he got a cassette tape deck yesterday. His favorite tools are:

  • Hammer - because @mangchihammer (hammer in korean)
  • Safety Glasses - just look at me
  • Gorilla Glue - fixer of anything

This is Sarah. She's our badass in the shop who gets things done. She’s also working on some cool new products that we can’t tell you about just quite yet. Her favorite tools are:

  • Drill - makes me feel cool, powerful, and it’s just so practical
  • Safety Glasses - safety first! 
  • Mask - It’s really uncomfortable to breathe in sawdust

Say hi to Jaimen. He's doing a short stint with us and learning the inner workings of a wood shop. His favorite tools are:

  • Roller - how I get that beautiful finish on products
  • Apron - gotta keep my clothes looking good!
  • Shop Vac - makes cleanup less painful

Stephen. He helps oversee the production in the wood shop and makes sure conversations are always appropriate. He also is a big teddy bear. Just look at him. His favorite tools are:

  • Nail Gun - I like to nail
  • Drill - I like to screw
  • His Wits - it's the sharpest tool around

Last but not least, this is Nelson! He's our handy man in Brown making sure your goods get to you in tip top shape and on time! His favorite tools are:

  • Hiking Boots - they keep my feet feeling good when I'm moving about all day
  • Dolly - lets me make multiple trips at once
  • Smile - it makes a big difference, and why wouldn't you smile?