Wood Thumb

Trees that Walk

There is a small Italian documentary by the name of “Trees that Walk” that recently premiered at the Slamdance Film Festival in Park City, Utah. It may be the surreal romance of the film’s title that initially catches ones attention, however the poetic story that unfolds does not disenchant. Trees, as the narrator describes, are the most “noble and generous in referring to the human figure; the body is a trunk, the arms are the branches, the roots are legs in motion”.

Trees that Walk, "Alberi che Camminano" from OH!PEN on Vimeo.

The film explores how the deep relationship between humans and trees manifests in our lives. The film follows the work of individuals who give trees a second life - from violins to fishing boats. “Trees that Walk” reminds us of the power of meaningful objects. Objects made from the story behind their material as well as the material itself.

At Wood Thumb we embrace the stories behind our wood – whether it is the redwood frame of a condemned house or the planks of a retired bourbon barrel. The character and eccentricities of such wood gives our products a depth beyond their designed purpose. Amidst a city at the center of the technological world, this effort is more relevant than ever before. Culturally we have become more disconnected from our physical world as our reality becomes cyber and our objects become disposable. “Trees that Walk” helps remind us of the immense depth of the objects that make up our lives, and at Wood Thumb, strengthens the purpose of our work.