Wood Thumb

Valentine's Day Wood Workshop

Valentine’s Day is a mixed bag- some people love it and get all mushy gushy, and others hate that it’s a Hallmark holiday. For these reasons we wanted to throw an alternative Valentine’s Day activity (even if we did still provide chocolate). This past Saturday, we invited couples into our wood shop where they would make a couple of our newest products together: the magnetic wood planter and vase

We split into groups and gave a quick safety talk and went over how to use the chop saw, router, drill press, and engraving. 

And then we were off and creating! Above, Chris supervises people on the drill press.

After people were done making their pieces, we pulled out the engravers and Park beer from Fort Point in San Francisco. 

One couple's work we loved: they engraved their initials inside a heart so it looked like it was a tree. 

It was so much fun, we can't wait to do it again. Sign up for our newsletter below to keep up with our next round of classes. Or, if you're looking to do private or corporate events, we can help there as well!