Wood Thumb

Painting our Garage Door

Our wood shop is located in the heart of SOMA. We’re in the midst of makers of all types- from physical goods celebrating the maker movement to the latest tech app, we're here among them and at a really exciting time.

We wanted to celebrate our community and also let people know that we are here. Aside from a small sign on our door, thousands of people pass our shop everyday without any idea of the magic going on behind the doors.

We called in brand consultant and muralist extraordinaire, Nina Beckhardt, Founder of Dovetail to help us come up with and execute a concept that would share our excitement for our work and community. 
Heres a peak inside the process:
The design process
Washing and priming the door
Nina first sketched the design in chalk and then filled in the under coat before adding back the grain details
"Just as exciting as the strategic planning and ideation of the piece was the actual experience of working on 5th street. What incredible energy there is in the SoMa district. All day and night that I was working, San Franciscans would pass by me and share encouragement, joy and even suggestions. Old people, young people, tech guys, homeless people, dog-walkers, children. I didn't need to listen to any music, just the sounds and energy of the city. It kept me electrified and in touch with the core mission of Wood Thumb - to honor and propel forth the maker movement." - Nina Beckhardt
It involved a couple of late nights since we only had Nina for a few days (she's based in LA)
Check out that wood grain SF city detail!
Wood city. Made right here.