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Is adult summer camp going to save the world?

Camp grounded is a summer camp for adults that aims to pry us away from our tech devices for a weekend. 


Matt Haber of the New York Times had a chance to go last year...


"A little more than 300 people had gathered there for three days of color wars, talent shows, flag-raisings and other soothingly regressive activities organized by Digital Detox, an Oakland-based group dedicated to teaching technology-addled (or technology-addicted) people to, in the words of its literature, “disconnect to reconnect.”

The rules of Camp Grounded were simple: no phones, computers, tablets or watches; work talk, discussion of people’s ages and use of real names were prohibited."



Camp Grounded is just one way that Digital Detox is following through on their mission of creating more mindful and meaningful interactions. 


"In an era of constant silicon valley acceleration, over abundant screen time, always being available, endless networking, information overload, tech driven anxiety, social media everything, internet addiction and a constant sense of FOMO (fear of missing) – many have referred to us as the ultimate decelerator. We help you slow down."




According to Digital Detox, summer camp is a place where we can reconnect and build a better future together. Sign me up!